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Full Description of Kevin Barber Services

FULL CENTRAL HEATING SYSTEMS – We can advise, design, install and maintain your full heating system. We also cover breakdowns.
BOILERS– Gas/Oil/LPG – Update old inefficient systems and boiler to new high efficiency boilers and controls, saving you money on your fuel bills.
RADIATORS – Modern high output radiators, replaced, re-piped and moved.
THERMOSTATIC RADIATOR VALUES (TRV’S) – Fitted and replaced for individual room temperature control.
COOKERS – Install gas cookers, hobs and ovens.  All associated pipework for these appliances.
FIRES – Supplied, installed, repaired and serviced, we also supply and fit parts and cover breakdowns.
WATER HEATERS – Supply, install, repair and service.
WARM AIR UNITS – Serviced and repaired.
HOT WATER CYLINDERS (VENTED AND UNVENTED) – Supplied, installed and serviced.  Immersion heaters replaced.
OIL TANKS – Advice, supply and installation of oil tanks.  Electronic tank gauges can be fitted to existing tanks so you know when your oil is low.
PIPEWORK – New and replacement pipework for water, gas and oil supplies.
POWER FLUSHING – This is available to clean black iron oxide sludge from your heating system, thus improving system efficiency and radiator heat output.
LANDLORDS SAFETY CERTIFICATES – All gas appliances checked and service and all relevant certificates issued.
OIL BOILER COMMISSIONING – Rejetting and boiler setting to match system size.
CONTROLS – Supply, install and repair of pumps, motorised values, thermostats, air separators and cold feeds unblocked.
FILTERS – Magna clean filters supplied and fitted to filter out black iron sludge from your system, this can help to prevent blockages.


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Why have your gas appliance serviced?


Your Gas Boiler and Central Heating System, just like your car, need a little TLC from time to time to ensure they're running as they should be.


And, just like your cars MOT, the primary reasons for this are efficency and safety. Deposits build up inside the boiler and central heating system which reduce the

efficency of the system. An annual service will make sure the boiler is running as it should be.


Regular servicing also greatly reduces the risk of a breakdown and prolongs the life of the boiler. The other reason is safety and for that reason it's absolutely essential you have your gas boiler serviced at least once a year.


While modem boilers are incredibly safe and highly unlikely to have safety issues after installation there's always a small chance something can go wrong. An annual gas boiler service severely reduces the chances of a problem and forthcoming problems can be identified.


Don't take chances with your life and the lives of your family - make sure you get your boiler checked once a year.